Welcome Mrs. Shea

caitlinWelcome to the newest member of our Mattacheese family, Caitlin Shea, who has replaced Mrs. Hunt as our receptionist.  Caitlin was a product of the Dennis-Yarmouth school district through 8th grade.  She has a first grade son at SAE and a preschool daughter.  We’re thrilled to have her join us!



Foreign Language Students to Hit the Big Apple in March


Informational Meeting for NYC Trip

for 6th and 7th grade Spanish and German students

Wednesday, November 30th at 6:00 p.m. in the MMS library



  Start spreading the news…     

Exploratory Foreign Language Classes


Monday, December 5th, the first day of trimester 2, all exploratory foreign language students will move to their next language class.  New schedules will be distributed in Advisory and Senora Crowley, Herr Dadman and Madame Mason will be waiting to say willkommen, bienvenue and bienvenido.thank-you

“What Tomorrow Brings”


                      This morning our teachers, staff and students watched “What Tomorrow Brings,” a one hour documentary about Razia Jan and the Zabuli Education Center in Afghanistan.  The MMS student body was outstanding throughout the screening.   When the film ended students returned to their Advisory where they spent 25 minutes discussing the film with their advisor.  Below are some quotes from our students.

…don’t take anything for granted and be thankful for what you have. ~ Josh

…many parents didn’t let their daughters go to school and get their education so we are lucky to even be able to go to school. ~ Valerie

…most kids in America don’t realize the opportunity they have to learn. ~ Isaiah

…I never really thought school was important, but now that I watched the documentary I realize how important it is.  ~Cameron

…Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything. ~ Christian

…The movie was very inspiring. All of the brave girls who go to the girls school are amazing.  Everybody can get something good out of this movie. ~ Ella

…I am surprised that girls are punished for going to school. I get punished if I don’t want to go! ~ anonymous

…I am thankful that everyone can get a good education and that we can feel safe in school. ~ Jacob

…the film was fascinating and the girls were courageous. ~ Kayleigh and Kaiolyn

…I am thankful that my family supports me in my education. ~ Giovanna

…This film inspired me to be thankful for the rights I have as a woman. ~ Amanda

…One quote I really liked is that you can not take away the right of education. ~ Ailani

…Everyday in my life I say, “I have a worse life than everyone.” But seeing the video I now love my life. ~ anonymous





Thanksgiving Pies

This morning Mrs. Wood’s students added to” the good” by making pies during Advisory.  Our fantastic cafeteria staff baked the blueberry, cherry and apple pies for the group.  The warm pies were brought to the Main Office to add to the Thanksgiving dinners for our families.  Thank you to the 7th grade students involved and for thinking of others.

Some members of Mrs. Wood’s Advisory: Murphy, Brynn, Brendan, Bianca and Liam, making pies to add to the MMS Thanksgiving dinners going to some of our families.

Bee University


Did you know that Mattacheese offers beekeeping as an after school activity?  Mr. Beach, who is our school psychologist and Immediate Past President of the Barnstable County Beekeepers Association, is the sponsor of the group.  The group was stared in 2007 with help from the Kelly Beekeeping Company. Bee U is offered during trimester 1 and trimester 3 at no cost to our students.

Campbell, Quince, Aiden, and Dylan look on as Mr. Beach lights the smoker.