MMS Staff vs. Students Basketball Game Report

The Mattacheese basketball season came to an end last night with a thrilling win for the students over the teachers by a final score of 70-60.  The teachers came out firing and controlled the first four quarters of the game but the students demanded the game to continue.  As the game reached the 6 quarter the teachers conditioning became a huge factor.  Because of the coaching the players received throughout the season they knew to turn up the pace of the game.  The players erased a 5 point deficit in the waning minutes to capture the win over the teachers.  

There were numerous highlights of the great game.  Eliana Castano’s beautiful rendition of the National Anthem kicked of the game in amazing fashion. Mr. Atwell’s buzzer beater shot at the end of the second quarter brought the crowd to a roar.  Alex Sheffield’s lockdown defense on Mr. Freeman at the end of the game.  Student/ staff game record 37 rebounds for Mr. Ventola.  Xavier Arroyo broke Mr. Mason’s ankles so bad at the end of the game that he had to wear a brace to school on Friday.  

The most impressive feat of the night was the halftime performance by Ailani Hicks.  As is tradition, all students are allowed to partake in the halftime-half court shootout fundraiser.  Never in the history of the event had a student stepped up the midcourt and drained two long range shots IN A ROW, but Ailani Hicks was able to accomplish just that by swishing both shots causing the gym to go wild.  

Overall the night was a huge success as the school was able to raise money for both the athletic program as well as the Beauty and the Beast musical.  The Athletic Department would like to thank all the teachers in attendance, the students in the crowd, the families who were showing their support, and most of all the student-athletes who always represent the Mattacheese family well.  

P.S. 6th players better be ready for next year because the teachers already have practices scheduled for next week!!


A Letter to Parents

Please see the attached letter regarding a new substance abuse interview-based screening happening this March in 7th grade at Mattacheese:

Click here to download & read the lettersirp

Student vs. Staff Basketball Game This Thursday


Please join us for the annual Student vs. Staff Basketball Game this Thursday, February 15th from 3:00-5:00 PM.

Admission is $3.  Buses will be available for students.  Come cheer for your favorite team.  The Theater Group bake sale will have additional snacks available for purchase.  We hope to see you there!

Student Illness Policy Reminder

1024px-Gnome-face-sick.svgPlease remember the MMS policy for ill students returning to school:

Students must be free from fever, vomiting, and diarrhea for 24 hours without medication before returning to school.  Thank you for helping our school, students, and staff stay healthy.